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greg the green alien

may i present you: greg. the green alien from a planet far, far away!

he’s here to take part in our new hobby geocaching and a will travel the world as a „travelbug“ from outer space… he’ll be on his way soon and hopefully a lot of nice people will take him to many exciting places!

pattern: mini alien by barbara prime

yarn: leftovers from my green traveling woman shawl. i only needed a tiny amount of yarn for this project!

needles: 2mm dpns

other stuff: two 8mm eyes. would have prefered smaller ones, but my local crafts shop had completely run out of eyes 😉

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jasper’s hat in action

this is jasper modeling his new thorpe hat… i got this mobile photo sent from his mom… and i’m delighted how well the hat fits him 🙂 maybe it will even fit one more winter season?!

i love knitting for other people – almost more than for myself. i’m happy when they are happy about the special handknit item… 😀

socks next, right sabine? 😉

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shetland sea gail

after hibernating for ages i finally managed to finish this gail shawl. i couldn’t get myself to knit on for some time because i found the pattern too hard to remember and had to concentrate very hard. after i finally picked it up again it was finnished in a jiffy – can’t have been so difficult then after all 😉

pattern: gail (aka nightsongs) by MaweLucky/Jane Araujo

yarn: handspun. 100% shetland fiber, laceweight with 610m and 88g. i called it „shetland sea“

needles: 4.5mm circular needle

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traveling women everwhere

loved the traveling woman pattern when i first knit it for my mum. so i just had to make one more for myself. and thinking about it, i realized i never posted the traveling woman for my mum because i didn’t want her to see it online before i gave it to her for her birthday.

so here they are. my both traveling women 😉

pattern: traveling woman by liz abinante

yarn: superwash merino sock by old maiden aunt /// superwash bluefaced leicester sock yarn by lollipop.yarns

needles: 4mm circular needle

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winter day spinning

i spun my handdyed fiber „winter day“ into this yarn. it’s about 120m and 111g.

strange how much the colours change once you spin the fiber, isn’t it?! but i like the result. it’s a present for my friend dani, so i hope she likes it too! i promised her handspun yarn for a hat ages ago and finally managed to do it. it’s already on its way to munich…

the fiber:

the finished yarn:

happy knitting, dani.

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dye dye dye

i admit it. i’m addicted to dyeing yarn. i coloured some more skeins with ashford acid dyes! would like to spin aaaall of my fibre myself but try to be reasonable 😉 and plan to sell them on my dawanda page. so if you like them, go ahead! 🙂

merino superwash, 93g:

merino superwash, 92g:

bluefaced leicester superwash, 100g:

bluefaced leicester superwash, 100g:

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icy lake

right after „pitu“ i did the third skein of my new dying career 😉 i called it „icy lake“ because it reminds me of one. haha. it has turquoise grey and white patches.

it’s really great that i can dye my own roving for spinning now! usually i never quite got the colour combinations i wanted or the hand dyed roving was so incredibly expensive… now i’m buying cheaper undyed roving and use the colours i like. i think i’ll stick to superwash for some time as i’m afraid i’ll felt the whole roving if i use something else. need to practice on how to treat the fibres like unboiled eggs first 😉

the icy lake:

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winter day

i started dying! well i did dye some sock yarn before – with easter egg colours, but got real ashford dyes for christmas this year. and this was my very, very first try dying roving ever.

after i had finished the dying and boiling i was was sooooo depressed about the result: the roving on the drying rack looked so dishevelled, all the fibres were clotted and wet and looked just horrible.

but time solved the problem and after drying the superwash roving was back to its soft and fluffy self! and i even really, really like the colours! the idea was to go for a snowy/wintery look and i think i quite managed that!

here it is, my first hand dyed roving. yay!