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this scarf was a really quick project. it only took me 5 days to make! tim’s mum got the scarf as a present when we were in hannover for the weekend.

pattern: annis scarf by susanna ic

yarn: old maiden aunt sock yarn, 100% merino superwash

needles: 5.00 mm circular needle

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hands up

ok, it’s not really the time for gloves. but i was looking for a quick and easy project because i was bored. i originally wanted to knit them for myself but they turned out way too big. so they are tim’s now and they really suit him!

pattern: hands up gloves by aileen cahill

yarn: noro kureyon sock. i was really annoyed with the noro yarn. i found 2 knots and didn’t even use half a skein for the gloves.

needles: 2.5 mm