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reinsche’s red

this is my newest yarn. i spun it for my colleague reingard and she got it on her birthday party on saturday night so i can show it off now 🙂 she’s a red fan, so it had to be red!

it is 80% merino and 20 white mulberry silk. i wanted to spin lace weight and ended up with ca. 621m and 100g.

i’m so happy with the result. it’s incredibly soft and shiny. the silk makes it look so glossy, especially in the sun.

this is „reinsche’s red“ pre-plying. here you can see how the fibre looked before spinning:

and this is the result:

i’m going to spin about the same amount again so it’s enough for a big shawl or scarf 🙂 i’ll keep you posted what becomes of it…

in my stash i have the same amount (200g) of this fiber in green which is more my colour. i’m looking forward to spinning it for myself. it really is very soft and a pleasure to spin!

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neapolitan sock yarn superwash

here it is. i couldn’t resist any longer and had a very spinning weekend 😉 it is 100% merino superwash, colourway „neapolitan“, 108g, 455m.

on this photo you can see me plying and watching heroes series 3 on the internet. if you have a close look you can see mohinder 😉

hm, here you can see a strange thing. there were some almost white parts where two white singles met. these white parts are gone. when i washed the yarn after plying there was a lot of colour in the water. i guess all the white parts were re-coloured in a slightly orange/pink shade. i like it anyway, but i would have liked the white bits too…

and this is the result:

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new spinning fiber

these lovely fibers moved in yesterday. they are from zarzuela’s fibers. i’ve had jessica as a friend in flickr for some time and saw her handdyed fiber there. so i just thought i should give it a go now and place an order. and this is what the postman brought me (well, not exactly as customs took the parcel hostage until i payed 19% tax. boohh.

anyway. look at those beauties… believe me, they are just as soft and beautiful as they look 🙂

it’s (from left to right and top to bottom):

  • lovestruck, 6oz merino
  • snowy wood in january, 6oz merino
  • neapolitan, 4oz superwash merino
  • blue jeans & leather shoes, 4oz superwash merino

and of course i couldn’t stop myself from starting… here’s my neapolitan progress. i’m spinning 2 singles and want to ply them to get a sock weight yarn…. it’s so much fun to spinn this soft fiber!

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thunderstorm gloves

tadaaa. my first finger gloves ever from handspun yarn. i’m really happy with the result. the yarn feels nice and is really warm. although the pattern was really good and i did my best to avoid it, i had holes between all the fingers. but i just sewed them close when weaving in the ends and it’s hardly visible anymore… i hope the yarn won’t felt too much when i wear and wash them. the winter can come! 😉

pattern: knotty gloves, julia müller

yarn: thunderstorm, handspun

excuse the not so nice photos, but it’s really hard to take a photo of TWO gloves (incl hands) by yourself at the same time… 😉

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purple stripes

i bought a mixed package of 5 different shades of purple at the wollschaf online shop and thought this might be perfect to spin self striping sock yarn…

so i divided every piece of roving into 8 parts and started spinning them alternating:

then i navajo plied the singles to get the – hopefully – stripe effect. the end result is 413m and 101g.