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may i present you: mr kiwi. he was fun to knit – the eyes and legs are attached directly to the body by picking up stitches. i liked that because you don’t have problems sewing them on. knitting these little animals you always have to sew millions of yarn ends though, but i guess there’s no way to avoid that 😉

he’ll be the mascot of our new zealand trip in oktober/november 2011.

pattern: kiwi by kahra grae

yarn: brown and white are scraps of lana grossa cool wool (100% merino), the legs are lana groassa meilenweit cotton sock yarn (cotton, wool, polyamid) and the blue on the eyes is old maiden aunt sock yarn.

needles: 3mm dpns



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effortless cardigan

i did it! i finished a sweater! it fits, although it turned out really big and heavy. but it’s comfy and warm and will be use a lot on the cold and chilly days to come!

i had problems with knitting the long rows back and forth. it seems i knit tighter than i purl and thus produced an annoying zebra pattern. tried to get rid of that effect by using two different needles – a smaller size for the purl ws rows. it kinda worked and blocking did the rest so that it’s hardly visible anymore.

this pattern took me about 5 months to finish. not to knit, but to finish 😉 i’m really crap at finishing big projects. i have so many ideas and rather start 3 new ones than finish one big project. all that finishing, weaving in ends. boooohhh!

pattern: effortless cardigan by hannah fettig

yarn: stahlsche wolle big, 100% wool, 84m/50g, used 15 skeins.  this was a „for free“ project because my mum found the yarn in a red cross shop for just a few € and thought it was perfect for her knitting addicted daughter. she was right 😉

needles: hm, i don’t remember. i didn’t write it down in my ravelry project on time before i forgot it. i think it must have been 3.5mm or 4mm needles.

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felix’s cardigan

same as mentioned before: no specific recipient, just longing for instant gratification and using up my stash.

pattern: felix’s cardigan by jacki kelly

yarn: schachenmayr nomotta cotton light. 80m/50g, 55% cotton, 45% acrylic. about 2.2 skeins of the beige, about 0.7 skeins of the red. again a gift from anna. thanks! the yarn is lovely – feels great. usually i don’t like using acrylic at all, but this is very cosy!

needles: 4 mm circular and dpns

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may i present you: maile. a very cute baby cardigan. when ever i was bored and annoyed of big projects theses last few months i knit baby clothes. nothing to suspect here, people 😉 no baby on the way. baby clothes are just perfect instant gratification projects and perfect to use up small amounts of yarn in my stash. and the perfect gift for friends who become parents. or i’ll just stash the clothes for my own kids some day. either way: perfect.

i loved this pattern. it’s always fun to knit patterns that are seamless. why? no seams 😉

pattern: maile sweater by nikki van de car

yarn: schewe fidibus, a little more than one skein used. 40% mohair, 60% acrylic. thanks to anna for the yarn-gift!

needles: 3.5mm circular needle and dpns