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4th Bag – „Ottobre“

story: a bag for my friend carolin. when she heard i started sewing bags, she ordered one for her birthday and one for christmas. so this is the birthday one 😉 i enlarged the pattern by 1.5 and now the bag is a nice big shopper. i called the bag „ottobre“ because the design is from and i sewed it in ottobre (= october in italian).

outer fabric: black/white fabric from IKEA

lining fabric: black linen from IKEA

specialities: ironed on interfacing on all the outer fabric. mobile pocket, ribbon and cute little bow.


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1st stencil project – „noir“

story: i wanted a tshirt of the mighty boosh for ages! but i didn’t like the official boosh shirts and – hey, not everybody fits in a skinny xs tshirt anyway! so i first thought about ordering tshirts (–> expensive), using these printer/iron on fabric thingies (bad quality) and finally ended up stenciling and printing my own shirt 🙂

material: black 6€ shirt from h&m, 0.3 mm overhead transparency, sharp cutter knive, white fabric paint for dark fabric, stencil brush, sponge, sticky tape, spray mount, electric iron

technique: prepared a stencil image in photoshop, used a 0.3 mm overhead transparency and cut out the bits that should be coloured later, sprayed the stencil with spray mount, put it on the shirt and painted it with white fabric colour (for dark fabrics). i used a stencil brush and a sponge to apply the colour, but i’m not not satisfied with that method yet as it turned out very patchy… i’ll try something else next time…

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3rd Bag – „Winter Bag“

story: this time a bag for myself. it’s great to be able to sew things you always wanted but never found in the shops 🙂 i finished the messenger bag in one go (cut and prepared the fabric the night before): started at 7pm and finished the bag at 0:30am!

outer fabric: tweed / „fischgrat“ fabric i got in the sale at Karstadt

lining fabric: dotted / polka dot fabric from IKEA

specialities: ironed on interfacing on the handles and all the outer fabric. zipper pocket (my first zipper!), mobile pocket and snap fasteners to close the bag. i thought about putting patches or something on the flap, but i want to wear the bag to work so i better leave it at that…


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2nd Bag – „Carina’s Bag“

story: a bag for my friend carina. she got it for her 27th birthday last saturday.

outer fabric: black/white fabric from IKEA

lining fabric: black linen

specialities: ironed on interfacing on the handles to make them a little stiffer. flap with button (first button and button hole!), mobile pocket with stitching (tried what my machine can do)


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1st Bag – „Obelix Bag“

story: my first bag ever! my dad said it looked like obelix (from the asterix comics), so i called it „obelix bag“

outer fabric: stripey linen fabric from IKEA – actually bedcloths

lining fabric: beige linen – bedcloths too 😉

specialities: mobile pocket


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how caz and crafts got together

i’m quite new to crafts and never thought i’d actually like to do stuff like that 😉

some months ago i suddenly felt like knitting socks – so i just did it.

before my birthday in august i made a careless remark about „maybe i’d like a sewing machine“ when my mum asked me what i’d like as present. so in september i ordered and ended up with this beauty:


so i surfed the web for inspirations what to sew to check out my new sewing machine and found this highly inspiring website:

since i usally get bored with practicing quickly i just started on real sewing projects: BAGS 🙂 you can never have enough of them, can you? 😉