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the lake – new handspun yarn

i’m so proud of this one! i’m really suprised how fast you get better with spinning. after less than a month was able to produce this beauty (ok, you can tell that i’m all excited, can’t you 😉 ).

it’s 100% superwash merino roving from drachenwolle and i spun it as thin as i could and then navajo plied it. i ended up with 88g and about 420m, so thinner than sock yarn. i’ll knit socks of it anyway, just cast on some more stitches than i usually would.

enjoy the view *lol*

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kiila socks

this was the first time i took part in a mystery kal where a new piece of the pattern is revealed every week. it was a kal in the „sock knitters anonymous“ group in ravelry and we all knit the kiila sock by yarnissima. as i knitted her brainless socks before and know her other designs i was sure this one was going to be excellent as well. so here it is:

pattern: kiila by yarnissima

yarn: drachenwolle with silk and bamboo in turquoise

needles: 1 addi needle 2.5mm, 1.20m long –> knit 2 socks at the same time with magic loop

most of the leg was done yesterday while knitting and chatting with some other frankfurt knitter girls:

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i’m a spinster!

i was so busy lately that i didn’t even manage to post the newest news!

my spinning wheel arrived on 27th april. so i’m officially an old, crazy spinster now *lol*

it’s a kromski sonata and i love it. it’s quiet, smooth and spinning with it is very easy. not that i have a lot of comparisons as i never spun on a wheel before 😉 another cool thing is that you can fold the sonata, put it in a huge rucksack bag and transport it easily. you can also change the flyers, so i already know what i want for my birthday: a fast flyer and jumbo flyer and tons of fibre 😉

here is my beauty. it doesn’t have a name yet, but i guess it’ll get one sooner or later…

i have also been busy spinning of course. 

this is my 1st yarn. it’s new zealand merino, undyed. quite lumpy and irregular, but hey, it’s yarn and i made it!

this is my 2nd yarn. i have no idea what kind of sheep it is from, it came with my drop spindle starter set ages ago and finally became yarn now. two shades of red plied together.

this is my 3rd yarn. i called it „purple paradise“. it’s hand-dyed shetland roving from wheeldale woolcrafts. lovely blues, purples and whites. this time i even measured the length of the yarn by winding it from the whorl onto my swift which i had set to a circumference of 1.5m before. i ended up with 173g and 600m. should be about the weight of 6ply sock yarn. i haven’t decided yet, but maybe it’ll actually become socks. yay. i was so surprised that you can improve so fast. the yarn is getting thinner and thinner and more regular 🙂

here you can see me spinning it on my balcony in the sun:

and this is the 4th yarn on which i’m still working. it’s merino superwash from drachenwolle. the merino is very smooth and i managed to spin very thin. i’m aiming for a 3ply sock yarn – i want to try navajo plying. how exciting. have a look at the work in progress:

conclusion after 3 weeks of spinning: i love it. the first yarn was a lot of stress (trying not to let the yarn break or get huge lumps) but it get’s really relaxing when you’ve got the hang of it. spinning meditation. the new yoga 😉 i also thought it would be more difficult. i saw a lot of „first yarns“ at ravelry, but a lot of them looked a lot worse than mine. so i’m quite proud of myself, if i may say so. ok, back to spinning…