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green cousteau hat

so this is what became of the „greens“ yarn is spun last weekend: a jaques cousteau hat. well, almost. i had to modify the pattern when i realized i was running out of yarn. so i gave the rim a miss and just knit the hat shorter. but it fits great now and i like the result. what do you think?

oh, and i got 3 more ravelympics medals for my hat:

pattern: jacques cousteau hat

yarn: greens, handspun by be, 100% shetland

needles: 4.0mm dpns

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i finished this skein last weekend. weight wise i was aiming for dk weight as i wanted to use the yarn as a hat. not sure i completely succeeded, i had about 13 wpi in the end and about 150m on 98g 🙂

the roving is 100% shetland wool, handdyed by wheeldale woolcrafts. i think the colourway was called „earth greens“ or something. the colours are great. i kept saving this roving for something special. i tend to do that with all the yarn and roving i like most. a bit absurd, don’t you think. i’d better use it as soon as possible and wear the resulting clothing and accessories all the time…. right?!

i like spinning shetland a lot. it feels more rough and sturdy than merino but that makes it a lot easier to spin regularly and thin.

i had some problems with overspun yarn lately though. somehow i couldn’t stop treadling very fast. and apparently my hands and feet only move in the same speed: if i treadle fast, i move my hands fast, if i treadly slowly, i move my hands slowly. have to practice treadling slowly and moving my hands fast 😉

got another ravelympics medal for this:

anyway, here some photos:

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wild berry socks

and another project i finished during ravelympics. it makes me all productive. yay.
the yarn was an experiment that went slightly wrong. i wound the yarn to a skein doubled so i get the same colours for both socks and then dyed it in the skein with easter egg colours and kool aid. but it didn’t turn out very well: many white spots in the middle… but see for yourself.

pattern: improvised toe-up socks
yarn: plain white sock yarn from wollpapst, handdyed
needles: 1 120cm circular needle, 2.5mm



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cut & paste socks

finally finished. it took me 2 years to finish these socks. no idea why because i absolutely adore the pattern. it’s easy yet effective and creates a great texture. it also never gets boring.

pattern: cut & paste socks by becca diaz. i slightly changed the pattern and knit them top down instead of toe-up (when i started the socks i was still afraid of toe up 😉 )

yarn: lana grossa meilenweit cotton stretch

needles: 2.5mm dpns

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frog frog frog

i took the ravelympics event „aerial unwind“ (= ripping projects you don’t like to reuse the yarn) as an opportunity to tidy my wip box. i had really old projects in there that would have never ever been finished. so i frogged them! yay!

got 3 aerial unwind medals for 3 projects:

nordisch inspiriert



leaf socks



wave socks



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dashing II

and here’s the second finished ravelympics project. it’s fingerless mittens for tim’s sister. the pattern is a piece of cake but the challenge is that i don’t know her in person yet. so i have to guess what she likes, which colours, which style…

the mittens are very cosy, soft and warm. i hope she likes the them as birthday present…

this time i took part in the ravelympics events mitten moguls and cable cross-country.

pattern: dashing

yarn: wolle rödel, soft-merino, 100% merino. used about 1.5 skeins

needles: 4.0mm dpns

ps: i hate taking photos at night. you never get the same results as with daylight. but as i wanted to have the ravelympics medals as soon as possible, it had to be photos last night with flash 😉

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my first ravelympics project is finished! yay!

for all of you who don’t know ravelympics: it’s a kind of game we play or a competition at ravelry during the olympic winter games. you basically knit or crochet things and enter them in different events like sock hockey, lace luge, single skein speed skate, etc. when you post your finished project on the events‘ finish line, you get a medal, an award you can show off with: „i took part in this event in ravelympics“. you can join a team and knit for them. the team also gets the medals the team members earn. i’m entering for team germany 🙂

so here we go. my first ravelympics project and my first medal! i’m officially a ravthlete now!

my octopus was entered in the event skelegurumi (amigurumi and toys):

the special challenge for this project was, that i changed the yarn from a worsted weight to sock weight. i wanted to use some sock yarn leftovers. so the little guy got really tiny and fiddly to knit. it was also hard for me to get over the „i hate sewing pieces together so i just stop and let it lie around for ages and wait if it gets any better“-syndrome. 😀 but i made it! yay.

pattern: octopus from the book „amigurumi knits“ by hansi singh

yarn: drachenwolle handdyed sock yarn in green and turquoise

needles: 2.0mm

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my citron shawl is finished and i’m quite proud of it! the pattern is adorable. simple but a genious idea and very effective.

i did an additional pattern repeat which made it feel like forever until it was finished. the last few rows (the ruffle part) had almost 650 sts each *argh*

but the resut is worth it, don’t you think?!

pattern: citron by hilary smith callis, knitty winter 2009

yarn: handpainted yarn lace, colourway peridoto, 100% wool, 777m/100g

here’s how to do a 6th pattern repeat. maybe it’s helpful for you too:

6th section:
1) 540 sts
7) 273 sts
9) k3, m1, (k12, m1)x7, (k11, m1)x9, (k12, m1)x7, k3 –> 297
19) k3, m1, (k13, m1)x7, (k12, m1)x8, (k13, m1)x8, k3 –> 321

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pingu the supporting pilot

here a new episode of pingu’s big adventure. since he is travelling with a pilot he wanted to give him a hand and checked if everything is ok with the plane before take off.

little pingu isn’t afraid of big things so he started off with the turbines. first from the inside…

then from the outside.

everything seemed to be in order. turbines: check!

he also kept an eye on the maps. :

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pingu in paris

pingu in paris sounds so classy doesn’t it 😉

today pingu is in paris, eating baguette et fromage and enjoying the bohemian lifestyle. he also visited the eiffel tower and he and tim were very dissappointed that the platform at the top was closed. but they did a little photo session anyway.

tonight pingu will be in milan, but a little penguin is very tired after a long day, so he won’t hit the clubs or pose for more travel photos for us.

where will his journey take him next?