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i knitted a sackboy for my colleague matthias. he’ll get him on his birthday on saturday. so „shhhhh“ until then 😉

i got the pattern from the simply knitting magazine (thanks to kevin that he gave it to me when he came to visit). the pattern is also available for free. it’s a great pattern and i really enjoyed knitting it! i just hate the making up – it takes forever!

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i did it again: craftster best of 2008

wow, unbelievable! i managed to get among the craftster best of again. last year i did it with my stenciled „noir tshirt“, this year i was successful in the category bath & beauty with my „tiramisu soap“

here is the link to: craftster best of 2008 and craftster best of 2007.

that’s so exciting! what a proud moment 🙂 i have to start posting my knitting and stuff more regularly again to work on my nomination in 2009 😉

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harry potter socks everwhere!

i gave my friend carina a skein of opal harry potter yarn for her birthday. she is a huge harry potter fan so it had to be harry & ron socks (that’s the colourway). and hey, it even was enough yarn for 2 pairs of socks!

1st pair: 

2nd pair. sneaker socks. the toe is done with blue regia yarn as i was running out of „harry & ron“. but i quite like it: