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ottobre bag for a sister

i made this bag for my friend who wants to give it to her sister for her birthday.

i forgot how much work it is to cut all the pieces, iron on interfacing, making a ribbon… the actual sewing together is the smallest and fastest part. it’s fun anyhow 🙂

pattern: dotted dream by ottobre design. i enlarged the pattern by 1.5 as i did before.

materials: ikea fabric, iron on interfacing, turquoise ribbon

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thorpe 2

i had a lot of „snowy wood in january“ yarn left over from the baby surprise jacket. so i made a matching thorpe hat to go with it. and now i still have leftovers. maybe matching booties?! 😉

pattern: thorpe hat by kirsten kapur

yarn: handspun. superwash merino. snowy wood in january  . shades of light blue, green, purple and white.

needles: 4.0mm dpns and crochet needle


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this is a good pattern to try doilys – which this all was about… i like the result – have no idea where, and if, i’m going to use it.

it was finished in a few hours was a very fiddely project though! the yarn is very thin and slippery, so when the piece grew i constantly dropped stitches because they slided off my double pointed needles! maybe better with wooden needles instead of metal…

pattern: flacon

yarn: unknown lace yarn. i bought loads of it on a cone for just 1€ in a second hand shop. i think it’s either 100% cotton or a mix of cotton and acrylic. feels very cotton-y though.

needles: 2.5mm dpns


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textured shawl

nice streight forward pattern. i love knitting complicated and playful lace patterns but i actually like wearing simple and modern things best. so this is going to be worn a lot. too warm at the moment though…

pattern: textured shawl by orlane designs

yarn: old maiden aunt, 100% superwash merino, colourway mexican wine. the colour is a dark purple mixed with red/brown. i used exactly one skein. only a few cm left in the end!

needles: 4.5mm