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spinning a thunderstorm

i’m totally spinning mad at the moment. so this is what i just finished. it’s 100% merino space roving from huppertz. the yarn turned out 435m and 100g.

it was fun to spin because the roving is already in small strips you can use just as it is. no separating, no predrafting. i wasn’t too keen on the colours when i saw them live for the first time, but it always looks completely different when spun up. it also turned out a lot shinyer than i would have expected.

i called it „thunderstorm“ because i think it looks like one 🙂

the colours are a little darker in real life, like on the photo where you can see the complete skein.

i’m thinking about knitting knotty gloves from the yarn. what do you think?

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yellow summer pullover

finally finished! i’m so proud! it took me months and a lot of nerves but it was worth it. i love the result!

yarn: 13 balls of siena, wolle rödel, colourway „sonne“, 100% merino

needles: 3.5mm and 4.5 mm circular needles (knitpicks interchangeable)

pattern: modell 13, lana grossa filati handstrick no 36

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walking on sunshine yarn

ohoooo, i’m walking on sunshine, ohoooo, i’m walking on sunshine, ohooooo and don’t it feel good…

my newest handspun yarn 🙂 it’s 100% merino in yellows from das wollschaf. it is 94g and 434m. i spun this yarn with ruputured ligaments. but the treadling movement didn’t feel bad so i thought it wouldn’t hurt my foot. maybe it even was a good training? (trying to convince myself here. but hey, what can you do when you are addicted?! 😉 )

guess it’s going to be „walking on sunshine socks“ 😉

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knit fast die warm

i had to spend a week at home because of my ruptured ligaments. as you can imagine that was veeery boring and i got all creative and did this with adobe illustrator. it was great to get to work with illustrator again and i quite like the result 🙂 expresses my state of mind 😉

as it is a vector graphic i can use it for anything i like in any size i like. might get a tshirt printed. or a bag, or, or, or…

what do you think?

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wollmeise stash update

some new skeins of my favourite yarn in the world moved in recently. 6 new skeins of wollmeise 🙂 yippeee. it’s so hard to get any wollmeise these days, so i sent my parents to the farmers market in sindelfingen where wollmeise had a market stall. they only live about 15km away so it was the perfect chance to get my hands on some yummy yarn. i also got some skeins for my colleague reingard.

my next wollmeise project will be the entangled stitches gloves by julia müller. not sure about which yarn to use yet…

this is my loot! they are from left to right: safran (100% merino superwash), granatapfel (twin, merino & poly), försters glück (twin, merino & poly), barist’o‘ (100% merino superwash),  neptun (100% merino superwash), wellensittichvogelfeder (100% merino superwash)

and this is my complete wollmeise stash:

from top to bottom and left to right: nature, safran, terra di siena, red hot chili, granatapfel, farn, pfefferminz prinz, neptun, barist’o‘, wellensittichvogelfeder, frosch, försters glück

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shetland sea

yarn:  100% shetland roving from wheeldale woolcrafts in blue-grey-turquoise. handspun by me into a lace weight 2-ply yarn. it has 88g and 610m. the shetland roving isn’t as soft as i would like it to be but the yarn turned out very airy and light. and i love the colours.

pattern: gail aka nightsong shawl

can’t wait to see the whole thing blocked. and i’m curious how big the stole will get with 88g… i’ll keep you posted!

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oh boy, i haven’t posted for ages! but i haven’t been lazy during all the time, so i’m going to update you all in the following posts now! 🙂

here some very basic socks that have a lovely pooling effect. as soon as i saw the yarn i fell in love with it and had to have it 🙂

yarn: wollpapst, merino and poly

pattern: basic ribbed socks