jasper’s hat

a present for jasper, the little boy of friends… we were invited for dinner there tonight, but decided not not drive to hannover hundreds of kilometers – the weather is crazy. the most beautiful snow you can imagine – and heaps of it. but no fun to drive… so jasper’ll get wooly mail soon 😉

i used my handspun superwash merino yarn and i just loooove the result. the yarn knit up so nicely and i like the colours a lot better in the knit fabric. hope the hat will fit.

the pattern is lovely too. really easy to follow. will definitely make more of those…

pattern: thorpe by kirsten kapur

yarn: funnies no 32, handspun superwash merino, roving was from dibadu

needles: 4mm dpns and a 4mm crochet hook

3 thoughts on “jasper’s hat

  1. A great hat in the most beautiful colourway. The little one will look so cute in it.
    Snow is everywhere and as long as I do not have to drive, I am enjoying this white Xmas.

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