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icy lake

right after „pitu“ i did the third skein of my new dying career 😉 i called it „icy lake“ because it reminds me of one. haha. it has turquoise grey and white patches.

it’s really great that i can dye my own roving for spinning now! usually i never quite got the colour combinations i wanted or the hand dyed roving was so incredibly expensive… now i’m buying cheaper undyed roving and use the colours i like. i think i’ll stick to superwash for some time as i’m afraid i’ll felt the whole roving if i use something else. need to practice on how to treat the fibres like unboiled eggs first 😉

the icy lake:

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  1. Very pretty. Regular fibers are pretty tricky. The main trick is to handle the fibers very little while they are wet. If you can get you hands on a salad spinner to spin the excess water out.

    To rinse the fiber after dying, I fill a basin full of water. Put the fiber into the spinner, when the water turns color I lift out the spinner, drain the water, refill with clean water, place the spinner back in. I do not aggitate the fibers during this process. Repeat until the water is clear.

    Drain sink, then spin the spinner until all the water is out of the fiber. At that point, I very carefully drape it over a hanger to dry.

    1. wow, thanks so much for your recommendations. a salad spinner is an excellent idea. i always wondered how i could handle the wet fibers with touching them as little as possible.
      will try that soon!

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