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winter day spinning

i spun my handdyed fiber „winter day“ into this yarn. it’s about 120m and 111g.

strange how much the colours change once you spin the fiber, isn’t it?! but i like the result. it’s a present for my friend dani, so i hope she likes it too! i promised her handspun yarn for a hat ages ago and finally managed to do it. it’s already on its way to munich…

the fiber:

the finished yarn:

happy knitting, dani.

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funnies no 29

and here is another yarn i finished some days ago. it’s 100% superwash merino from dibadu (as the other funnies rovings).

it weighs 102g and has a yardage of about 233m. it’s only my second single yarn and i’m quite happy with it. i didn’t want to ply it becaus i didn’t want to lose the brightness and strength of the colours by mixing them up.

any ideas what i could knit with it?!

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funnies no 32

… another dibadu skein. this i my latest work and i love how smooth and squishy the 100% superwash merino turned out! i mainly spin thin yarn, like fingering, sock or lace, so this was a nice change. the result is about aran weight – no yardage either of course. i’m so busy at the moment and lazy. a fatal combination…

here no photo of the unspun roving either. the daylight problem, you remember…

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funnies no 14

i’m not very creative tonight so i’m calling this yarn after the rovings name „no 14“ 😉 it’s the first time i bought roving at dibadu and i quite like the roving i got there. especially the superwash (which this one isn’t by the way).

the roving was a mix of merino, tussah silk and flax. the flax felt really strange while spinning. it was very sturdy and hard and hurt my fingers a bit while spinning, but i like the result. the flax gave shine to the yarn – didn’t make it very soft though.

here i don’t know the yardage either – i keep counting the rounds and then never write it down and forget it after 2 days. :/

and i was too eager to start spinning that i didn’t take a photo of the unspun roving. apart from that it’s really hard to take good fotos at the moment. it’s dark when i go to work, it’s dark when i get home from work… taking photos with flash is crap, so i wait until the weekend, sometimes i’m too busy or forget… well, anyway, here’s just the spun result:

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this skein was spun from one of my das rad der zeit connemara skeins. 100% new zealand lamb in shades of green, blue and brown.

it was really exciting for me as it was my first singles yarn… turned out hopelessly overspun, but hey, it was my first try…

534m and 102g.

i already started spinning a damson shawl with it and am happy to report: you can’t see the overspun twisty bits in the knit fabric anymore. yay! photos of the shawl soon!

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blue skies

… smiling at me, nothing but blue skies, do i see… (irwing berlin)

the first yarn spun with the woolee winder. i had to get used to it in the beginning, but we became friends by now 🙂

some infos about the yarn:

fibre is 100% shetland handdyed from wheeldale woolcrafts, i actually counted the rounds to determine the yardage, but i forgot to write it down 🙁 well, i think it was a bit more than 300m and 97g… spun to a single and navajo plied.