shetland sea

yarn:  100% shetland roving from wheeldale woolcrafts in blue-grey-turquoise. handspun by me into a lace weight 2-ply yarn. it has 88g and 610m. the shetland roving isn’t as soft as i would like it to be but the yarn turned out very airy and light. and i love the colours.

pattern: gail aka nightsong shawl

can’t wait to see the whole thing blocked. and i’m curious how big the stole will get with 88g… i’ll keep you posted!

3 thoughts on “shetland sea

  1. thanks guys. now that my pullover is finished i’m free to continue the gail shawl :)

    the spinning actually took me quite some time. but it’s so relaxing – you don’t have to think at all, just move your fingers and watch some movies while doing so 😉 and i like to spin thin yarn. gives me the feeling to get the most out of 100g of wool :)

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