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truly mine: spring socks

i just HAD to cast on socks with my hand-dyed sock yarn. i know i shouldn’t have. i still have several projects to finish… but i couldn’t help it 😉

they are going to be very easy plain socks. it’s all about the colour this time!

i like how the colourway turned out: the green, blue and yellow look more stripy with light patches… i called them „spring socks“ because they look very spring-ish to me 🙂

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my first hand dyed sock yarn!

how exciting. i wanted to try it for ages but couldn’t decide on how to do it and which colours to use… but today i just did it.

it was much more difficult than i thought actually. it’s really hard to achieve a smooth colourway. i tried to use a spoon to apply the dye, but it turned out really patchy. next time i’m going to put the yarn in glasses of dye to get a more steady result…

i’m soooo curious to see the result when the sock yarn is dry. and even more curious how the pattern will look when i knitt socks from it…

here are the photos of the whole „event“ 😉

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needle roll

i was really annoyed by my knitting needle box for ages. you could never find the needles you were looking for…

so i just did myself a needle roll, using this tutorial:
the tutorial is really easy to follow and the roll is really spacy and versatile… all kinds of needles fit in there… long, short, … even circular!