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jasper’s hat

a present for jasper, the little boy of friends… we were invited for dinner there tonight, but decided not not drive to hannover hundreds of kilometers – the weather is crazy. the most beautiful snow you can imagine – and heaps of it. but no fun to drive… so jasper’ll get wooly mail soon 😉

i used my handspun superwash merino yarn and i just loooove the result. the yarn knit up so nicely and i like the colours a lot better in the knit fabric. hope the hat will fit.

the pattern is lovely too. really easy to follow. will definitely make more of those…

pattern: thorpe by kirsten kapur

yarn: funnies no 32, handspun superwash merino, roving was from dibadu

needles: 4mm dpns and a 4mm crochet hook

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annis 2

now that it has been finished and gifted as a christmas present i can show you this annis shawl too. it’s my second. the first one was for tim’s mum, the second one was for my mum. it’s a lovely greyish/blueish colour…

pattern: annis from susanna ic

yarn: old maiden aunt, 4ply superwash merino, colourway „dreich“

needles: 5.0mm circular needle

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baktus with stripes

my second bactus. this time not a lacy but a stripy one. i used tow skeins of zauberball of the same colourway and knit them alternating… like the result in some parts but in other parts the same colours merged into big blocks with hardly any visible stripes at all…

pattern: baktus. i used eskimimi’s mods for stripes

yarn: schoppel zauberball, colourway brombeere

needles: don’t remember. 3mm, 3.25mm or 3,5mm… hm…


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funnies no 32

… another dibadu skein. this i my latest work and i love how smooth and squishy the 100% superwash merino turned out! i mainly spin thin yarn, like fingering, sock or lace, so this was a nice change. the result is about aran weight – no yardage either of course. i’m so busy at the moment and lazy. a fatal combination…

here no photo of the unspun roving either. the daylight problem, you remember…

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funnies no 14

i’m not very creative tonight so i’m calling this yarn after the rovings name „no 14“ 😉 it’s the first time i bought roving at dibadu and i quite like the roving i got there. especially the superwash (which this one isn’t by the way).

the roving was a mix of merino, tussah silk and flax. the flax felt really strange while spinning. it was very sturdy and hard and hurt my fingers a bit while spinning, but i like the result. the flax gave shine to the yarn – didn’t make it very soft though.

here i don’t know the yardage either – i keep counting the rounds and then never write it down and forget it after 2 days. :/

and i was too eager to start spinning that i didn’t take a photo of the unspun roving. apart from that it’s really hard to take good fotos at the moment. it’s dark when i go to work, it’s dark when i get home from work… taking photos with flash is crap, so i wait until the weekend, sometimes i’m too busy or forget… well, anyway, here’s just the spun result: