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colourful weekend

i dyed again yesterday. nothing ever turns out the way i plan it, but i like it anyway 😉

superwash merino fiber:

sock yarn:

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  1. You might not have planned them, but all are lovely. I especially love that top picture best.

    1. thanks. i like my tone in tone skeins the best too. i always have problems getting brilliant colours when i use many different colours… they always merge into each other. maybe there is a better way than kettle dyeing for that?

  2. Hey!
    I just love your handdyed fibers. Is there any trick how to dye them without glue the fibers? I really whould like to try this myself, but I didn’t dare to do it, until now.


    1. i’m really not an expert in dyeing fibers, i just started myself!
      i guess it helps a lot that i always used superwash fibers which won’t felt immediately if you treat them badly 😉 in my experience it’s the most important thing to move or touch the roving as little as possible when it’s wet. you also shouldn’t shock it with cold water when it’s hot.
      after my first dyeing experiment i was devastated because when wet the roving looks just glued and horrible. but once dry it’s lovely again!!!

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