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fabric box

story: when i knit (which i do all the time) i have things scattered everywhere: tape measure, knitting needles, yarn, stitch holders, hooks to rescue dropped stitches, needlebook etc… so i thought i’d sew something to overcome the chaos 😉

outer fabric + lining fabric: matching fabric i used for the needle roll (100% ikea 😉 )


the „model“ in the box is my yellow jumper by the way. this is the second try – i had to frog the whole thing because it was toooo wide. the back is finished, this is the front. hope everything goes well this time *fingers crossed*

this is the matching needle roll. they are a nice couple 😉

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pattern: simple plain sock. no pattern

yarn: about 70g drachenwolle „regenbogen tiger“

needles: 5mm circular needle

size: 40/41 – perfect fit for my feet 🙂


these socks helped to cheer me up immensely over the last few days. and i think i never knitted socks that fast! started the night of april 16th and finished the night of the 20th. yay for socks. i always knew that knitting was the new yoga *lol* but knitting is also therapy. anyway, the bright colours and great feel of the drachenwolle yarn did the trick. not feeling that miserable anymore 🙂


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„i hate men“ socks

if you don’t like explicit language, don’t read on. i’m in a fuckin‘ mood to swear my heart out!

i just renamed the „boyfriend socks“ for „i hate men socks“.

why? because my damn, fuckin‘, lying, pretending, spineless boyfriend ditched me yesterday. yeah, a distance relationship is difficult but:


  • was prepared to do anything it takes to make this work
  • would have flewn back and forth as often as i could
  • was waiting for him online like an idiot every day
  • was making plans for the future
  • wanted to take part in his life
  • was knitting socks, sending him baked cookies, even letting my damn hair grow (said he liked long hair), which makes me feel even more stupid
  • am sitting here  now crying and feeling miserable 
  • to say it with bridget jones: i will die as a lonely old spinster and be eaten by alsatians. and no, no mr. darcy in sight to save me.


  • wasn’t prepared to do the tiniest bit for this
  • didn’t show up online and hung out with his friends instead
  • everything was more important than me
  • said that he couldn’t commit to a computer. wow, i always thought i was a real person. apparently not. what am i  then? a SLIGHTLY less attractive lara croft or something?!
  • didn’t want to let me take part in his life and apparently wasn’t interested in mine either
  • still sais he „likes me more than i could imagine“ and still wasn’t up to fight or put the tiniest effort into making this work, the lying prick
  • sure is releaved to have gotten rid of the „burden“ that there is a „virtual“ girlfriend waiting for him and wanting to spend time with him

what to do with those socks now? i don’t feel like continuing anymore. more like burning them! and poking the guy with the pointy knitting needles at places where it really hurts!

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happy easter (knitting)

wow, mind you, last year it was freezing cold over easter. it was snowing!

this year i’m sitting outside in a tshirt knitting at 10am on april 10th! how crazy is that… 🙂 can you hear the birds and the churchbells in the background?

i wish you all happy easter and some relaxing knitting days 🙂

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