dye dye dye

i admit it. i’m addicted to dyeing yarn. i coloured some more skeins with ashford acid dyes! would like to spin aaaall of my fibre myself but try to be reasonable 😉 and plan to sell them on my dawanda page. so if you like them, go ahead! :)

merino superwash, 93g:

merino superwash, 92g:

bluefaced leicester superwash, 100g:

bluefaced leicester superwash, 100g:

2 thoughts on “dye dye dye

    • thank you *blushes* i have so many ideas and would love to try lots of things. that’s why i want to sell the fibers instead of spinning and knitting all of them myself. would love to… but, you know. :) my boyfriend doesn’t even get why anybody would need more than one scarf, more than one hat etc 😉

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