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baby surprise jacket

i wanted to try the baby surprise jacket for a long time. and it’s just the perfect pattern for handspun yarn!

no recepient-baby here yet, but i’ll just keep it until some friends have a baby or for my own ones – sooner or later. haha.

the yarn is perfect for either a girl or a boy and i’m just going to buy buttons according to the sex of the future owner. flowers for a girl, little boats for a boy or something…

i’m really happy how it turned out. and this pattern is simply amazing! it’s knit in one piece and while your knitting you’d never think it could end up as a cardigan. but – suprrise, surprise – it does 😉 i seamed the top of the arms with a crochet seam because i couldn’t think of an invisible seam to use in this case. so i thought i could as well use a very visible seam. and i also croched along the neckline.

oh, and the jacket only took me one weekend to finish! baby clothes are excellent – instant gratification!

pattern: baby surprise jacket by elizabeth zimmermann

yarn: handspun. superwash merino. snowy wood in january  . shades of light blue, green, purple and white.

needles: 4.0mm circular needle and crochet hook