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good mood socks

i started to knit these socks in turkey – the night before we had to leave the sunshine and heat to head back to cold and wet germany. the first sock was almost finished back in germany because i only stopped knitting on the plane home when they served food and drinks 😉

they look like really good mood, don’t they? so i called them „good mood socks“ aka „flying socks“.

pattern: basic socks. 64st, herzchenferse, bandspitze (sorry, don’t know the names of the heel and toe in english)

yarn: drachenwolle flamé, 75% wool, 25% poly, white streak merino

needles: 2.5mm dpns

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leisure geek hat

working as a software engineer, i’m a geek by profession. my boyfriend is a pilot but he’s a real leisure time geek. 😉

so it had to be a binary cable hat for the leisure geek to avoid cold ears in helsinki/stockholm/etc! 😀

pattern: binary cable hat

yarn: aldi yarn, julia, have to look up the „ingredients“. but it’s part wool, part poly.

needles: 4mm and 5mm dpns

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eyelet cap

this is the eyelet cap from vogue knitting, fall 2009. i knew i had to knit this pattern when i skimmed through the magazine the first time.

i definitely wanted to use hand dyed yarn but nothing with outlandish colour combinations. so my choice was the 6ply tweed from drachenwolle. and i haven’t been disappointed! the colours are great, it feels good and was a pleasure to knit. i’m a huge fan of purple/berry colours at the moment. i guess you can see that when you have a look at my recent projects 😉

on the photo you can see the 6ply yarn on the left.

i changed the pattern a little and made the ribbed part shorter as i didn’t want the hat to get too slouchy. i reduced the ribbing from 20,5cm to 17cm and it turned out just as i planned and hoped.

can’t wait for the next cold day to wear it! 🙂

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danish sunrise

couldn’t resist to start spinning the fibre my boyfriend brought me from copenhagen. i spun orange/red/yellow space roving and one of the yellows from the mix pack and plied them together. this is the result:

it’s sock weight but unfortunately only 42g and 155m. so not enough to knit socks. i’m thinking about spinning the two other yellows together and then knit striped socks from it. what do you think?

i’m curious the see how the variegated space roving knits up…

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i finished this skein last week but didn’t have the chance to take a photo yet. winter is annoying – craftwise anyway. no chance to take decent photos during the week – it’s always dark when i have time off. anyway, here is another berrires yarn. remember this feller? this time the yardage is shorter: 180m and 94g.

i’m going to spin a similar skein of this roving. planning to give them away as presents…

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nougat tuffs

baking cookies is kind of crafty too, isn’t it?!

so nougat tuffs it was! we were in the baking mood yesterday…

may i present you: the dough

there’s no way making cookies without powerful tools. *harr harr harrr*

concentration please:

at that point they were still looking good. until we let them burn in the oven. doh!

but there was enough left to glue together with nougat and sprinkle with chocolate. yummy.

they had to dry first so we’ll eat the first ones tonight with a delicious starbucks dark cherry chocolate latte (sit at starbucks and sneak our own cookies in). well, not exactly the first ones as we already nicked some yesterday but hey, you get the idea… 🙂

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copenhagen roving

my boyfriend is a pilot for lufthansa and when he was in copenhagen last week he checked the knit map, walked to a yarn shop called sommerfuglen and bought me a collection of rovings. they hardly had any but this is what i got. thanks so much, tim 😀 and thanks to knit map – very useful 😉

i have no idea what either of the yarn is. the samples and multi-colour-pack could be merino, but i’m not sure…

about 80g of roving samples in all kinds of colours:

any idea how i could spin it? i thought i could divide each colour in 2-3 parts, spin all the colours in the same order and ply the multicoloured single with an uni single. like that i would have enough yarn for striped socks…. hm, not sure yet.

about 35g yello-orange-red roving. looks like the space rovings i bought before. i could ply it with a red/orange single…

a pack (about 120g) of several colours of roving:

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turkish shawl

i knit this scarf on the beach in turkey, therefore turkish shawl. obviously 😉 the people stared at me as if i was a nutjob for knitting on the beach, but hey, i’m a rebel, right?! 😉

the colours are very „autumn“ and the yarn feels sooo soft and cosy.

yarn: wendy happy, colourway scorpio. bougth this yarn in birmingham, uk. then i brought it with me to germany and then to turkey. it’s a travelling yarn 😉

pattern: simple yet effective shawl