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2nd pair of socks

my mum will get these socks for her birthday 🙂 as you can see, they fit me as well. her feet are a little smaller but also broader. should fit fine…

this time i was a lot faster and my knitting was more steady… they also look more shiny and less linty. maybe also because i used better yarn this time – from lana grossa…

i knitted an easy triangle pattern. should be visible in the photos. with the next pair of socks i’ll try another pattern 🙂

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Sixties fabrix from flea market

i just bought this lovely screaming pink fabric on a flea market in bornheim (frankfurt). it’s curtains originally from the 60ties/70ties 🙂

bought 2 for 4€, each of them being about 2.40m x 1.60m – so loads of fabric for future bags…


i’ll throw it in the washer now and think about what i could sew out of this fabric 🙂

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6th Bag – „Winter Combo“

story: hm, no story this time. just really felt like sewing and had not used any of this lovely winterish fabric before… so this is what happened: a purse and a matching wallet.

outer fabric: brownish chequered tweed i got in the sale for 3€

lining fabric: black linen from IKEA

specialities: snap fasteners, mobile pocket, ribbon and cute little bow.

tutorial: wallet: / purse:

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5th Bag – „Ottobre’s little Sis“

story: this is a cosmetic bag for my co-worker reingard. she knitted a scarf for me when i was home sick with torn ligaments and i thought i’d sew her a little something in return to say thanks. i still had a lot of fabric and ribbon left i used on the „Ottobre“ bag, so this is like a little sister to it 😉 same fabric and style, different size and pattern.

outer fabric: black/white fabric from IKEA

lining fabric: black linen from IKEA

specialities: zipper (my second one), ribbon and cute little bow.


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2nd stencil project – “Bob Dylan”

story: the second try with stenciling. since my brother really likes bob dylan i did this for his birthday. i hope he likes it!

material: olive 5€ shirt from h&m, 0.3 mm overhead transparency, sharp cutter knive, black fabric paint for dark fabric, stencil brush, „painter foam rubber roll thingy“, sticky tape, spray mount, electric iron

technique: prepared a stencil image in photoshop, used a 0.3 mm overhead transparency and cut out the bits that should be coloured later, sprayed the stencil with spray mount, put it on the shirt and painted it with black fabric colour (for dark fabrics). this time i used one of these little „painter foam rubber roll thingies“ to apply the color to the shirt, which worked quite nicely. a lot more smooth and steady than with a brush.

The photo looks quite patchy, but that’s just because of the flash. the colour on the shirt looks smooth 🙂