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i’m in love

with this pullover!

as soon as i saw it in the new filati handstrick magazine (36, spring 2009) in the supermarket i knew i had to knit this!

at wolle rödel i found the perfect substitute yarn for it: siena, 100% merino extrafine superwash, 135m/50g. it cost me a fortune, but still a lot less than the original lana grossa yarn (linarte) the pattern had called for.

it had to be this warm yellow of course:

the pattern just has the sizes 36/38 and 40/42 so i recalculated it to 44/46.

i almost finished the front part – i’ll keep you posted! 🙂

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stash, stash, stash

today i checked the contents of my stash, that’s what i produced from my crafts wardrobe. i never knew it was such a heap!

sock yarns. i can knit a loooooooot of socks! my special darlings are the wollmeise skeins, cherry tree hill, the noro and the handdyed skeins from drachenwolle and wollpapst:

other yarns. acrylics in the back. i don’t want to use them anymore. packed them in a seperate „ugh bag“ well separated from my nice yarn 😉

i also rediscovered this yarn. i got it from my mum. she bought it in the 80s and wanted to knit a jumper. never got any further than knitting a swatch. any idea what i could knit from it? 

  • 12 skeins a 50g
  • 55% acrylic, 25% wool, 20% mohair 
  • 80m/50g 
  • needles: 4.5 – 5.5 
  • 14st x 21 r = 4in x 4in

and i found this magazine from september 1986 with the yarn. i had to share this with you! aren’t those the most horrible and ugly patterns you have ever seen? enjoy the horrors of the 80s! 😉

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i know your scarf…

last thursday my colleague reingard and me made a little yarn trip to bad soden, a small town outside frankfurt. we heard there was a very nice little yarn shop and we had to check that out of course!

while we were having a look around and a chat with the owner, she suddenly stared at my noro scarf and said „i know this scarf! is it possible that i’ve seen it at ravelry?!“ 🙂 well, of course she had. ravelry is my second home *lol* when i told her my ravelry nick she recognized me „wow, you are very active there, aren’t you? you are admin of the frankfurt group and you set up the frankfurt wool map!“

haha. brilliant. the warwick stole and me are famous:

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tiny socks

pattern: babysöckchen from the book „Zwei Socken gleichzeitig stricken: Ganz einfach mit einer Rundstricknadel“

yarn: some scrap yarn

needles: 2.5mm circular needle (1.20m long)

i wanted to give magic loop and knitting socks on 1 circular needle a try. to understand the the technique i knit these cute baby socks with some wolle rödel scrap sock yarn. i like how they turned out. and i like magic loop knitting. it’s not as difficult as i thought and i love the fact that both socks are finished the same time. no single socks anymore 😉 and no chance to forget what you did on the first sock…

i will give them to whomever of my friends has the next baby. so, make an effort folks 😉

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one skein warwick stole

pattern: one skein – a stole! by katja jordan

yarn: 100g noro kureyon sock

needles: 5mm circular needle

size: 2.22m long, 43cm wide

i called this project „one skein warwick stole“ because i bought the noro yarn in warwick, england. really liked knitting this scarf because it grew sooo fast with the drop stitches. i also love the colours of the noro yarn, but i’m not a big fan of the touch. it’s quite itchy and the yarn has very thin parts and big lumps…

i’m blocking the scarf at the moment and can’t wait to wear it…

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merino lace socks

pattern: merino lace sock from the interweave knits book „favorite socks“

yarn: 66 g lana grossa meilenweit cotton stretch

needles: 2.5mm dpns

size: 39

these socks are 60% made in germany and 40% made in britain 😉 i didn’t like the yarn much in the beginning, but it brings out the pattern so clearly! perfect airy summer socks for my mum. i bet she’ll love them!

i couldn’t take photos of the two socks together yet, because it just doesn’t work wit flash. but here are the photos of the first finished sock. enjoy 😉

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needle book

i was sick of losing my needles all the time and constantly buying new ones. so i got mr. pfaff (sewing machine) out after a long abstinence and made myself this cute little needles book. needles: beware! i’m not going to lose you again!

the cover is made of ikea fabric (love the colour and pattern!), it has 4 grey felt pages for needles and the cute stare buttons are the ones i bought at „all the fun of the fair“ in london last october.

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wool souveniers

i can’t go anywhere without bringing back some wooly souvenirs, can i? this is my loot from the english midlands. birmingham, where i visited my friend scott, was a disappointment yarn-wise! but i can find some decent skeins of yarn anywhere 😉

1 skein of wendy happy sock yarn. extremely soft and shiny, 75% bamboo, 25% nylon. bought at john lewis in solihull:

2 skeins of noro kureyon sock yarn. 70% wool, 30% nylon. feels kind of strange, the yarn twists in itself and it looks like it was handspun by myself (which isn’t a compliment *lol*). but the colours are adorable! 

i already cast on a one skein drop stitch stole with the green-purple skein. here you can also see that the weight of the yarn varies a lot:

apart from the yarn i also got some dpns with needle size 2.25. you hardly find them here in germany…

and hey, i also can’t go anywhere without knitting! i didn’t dare to take a project with my precious knit picks needles with me, so it had to be socks. i was really afraid that they wouldn’t let me go through security control at the airport with pointy sticks in my hand luggage. but what can i say: no problems at all! i got through 2 controls in frankfurt and 1 control in birmingham on the way back but nobody wanted to take my needles from me. yay! apparently i look so harmless that i could smuggle anything through airport controls *lol*

so one of these socks is „made in germany“, one is „made in britain“: