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rainy day

i finished this skein before we went to turkey for a week. today is the first day i have enough time and daylight to take some photos!

it’s 100% wool, not sure what kind actually. it’s space roving from wollfabrik huppertz in shades of grey, light blue and white.

i spun it as thin as i could and the yarn turned out laceweight, soft and fluffy.

not sure what to knit of it yet. i have 100g more of the roving, so i could produce this amount of yarn again if necessary.

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happy halloween

i haven’t made a halloween pumpkin since i was a kid. one with triangle eyes and blocky teeth 😉

so today i thought i should give it another go, bought a pumpkin at lunch break and did some pumpkin crafting. here is the result:

mr pumpkin is sitting on the balcony now staring at me through the door 🙂

i stole the stencil idea from zombiepumpkins by the way. i never knew there were so many cool pumpkin stencils on the web!

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drachenwolle in the house

i ordered two 4ply and one 6ply sock yarn in tweed look per colour. usually i’m happy with the drachenwolle colours but this time i’m a little disappointed: the turquoise is almost green and the dark pink/purple is almost black 🙁

i want to make gloves from my mum from one of the 4-ply sock yarns. not sure which colour yet though. maybe i’ll have her have a look and decide herself so she complaint afterwards 😉

to have enough yarn for gloves and a matching hat for myself i ordered more than just 1 skein each… i’m not sure yet. guess it will be the dark purple for me: eyelet cap from vogue knitting and miss sophie’s hands from julia müller.

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spinning petrol

i finished this skein some days ago. i’m not overly happy with it as i didn’t manage to spin the roving regularly and the single broke several times while navajo-plying. not my brightest spinning moment… but i am very fond of  the colour. it’s so rich and a perfect „petrol“ = dark turquoise. 🙂

some more infos: ordered at wollfabrik, 100% australian merino, 104g, about 270m, navajo-plied.

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a plum hat

i knit this hat in one day. it’s a very quick and easy project. it also turned out very warm and cosy. as i have more of the yarn and bought some additional buttons i’ll make a matching neck warmer to go with it.

it’s called „plum hat“ because the colourway of the yarn is called „plum“ 🙂

winter can come!

pattern: robin’s egg blue hat by rachel iufer

yarn: drachenwolle, 100% wool, 100m/100g, handwash

yet without buttons. it was very difficult to find some in the right colour. originally i wanted one big one but didn’t find a matching one…

the finished project. i’m glad you can’t see my tousled morning hair under the hat 😉

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callum’s cardi II

here you can see little callum from london showing off his new sheep cardigan. isn’t he cute?! and the sweater fits really well.

i knit the size 6-9 months, remember? he is not even 2 months old! so either he is a huge baby or the measures of the pattern are way off!

anyway, it fits and i’m happy with the outcome. will post more photos when i get them (tomorrow?)…