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my first tshirt!

here it is, my first real piece of clothing (apart from accessories): a tshirt!

the pattern is from the ottobre design magazine, issue 3/2011. it’s the pattern „12. happy animals“. size 80. i love the overlapping neckline like in onesies. no neckline that is too small for baby’s big head and no need to attach any buttons and such.

it’s made of a flower jersey i already had in my stash. i didn’t want to use any of my new boy’s jerseys because there was a fair chance that i would ruin the fabric big time 😉 after all it was my first real garment, my first ribbing, my first serious jersey project, my first try with twin needle…

i have to tell you, it wasn’t easy. being a little perfectionst i started off with high hopes and great expectations…

first downer was, that i just didn’t manage to sew with a twin needle! it didn’t work! i tried all kinds of thread tensions and different fabrics but i always ended up with messed up seams. strangely enough one seam looked good, one seam had many missed stitches. maybe somebody has any idea how that can happen and what i can do about it?! maybe it was just the cheap no-name twin needle i bought at ebay?

after that disaster and at least an hour of trying and getting really frustrated i gave up. single needle and zigzag stitch it was. but then i didn’t seem to be able to even sew a proper normal seam anymore. after another hour of trying and swearing it started to work. finally. but the way to sew on the ribbing that was discribed in ottobre seemed too difficult and error-prone for my fragile state of mind, so i chose a slightly less elegant but easier way.

that finally did the trick and after some sewing without mistakes i’m proud to present you: my first tshirt:

since it’s definitely no boys shirt i gave it to my friend dani’s little sara today. she is 2 months younger than lukas and i hope it will fit her well 🙂 (waiting for a photo of sara wearing it!)

well, i think i got the hang of it now. so i can’t wait to sew another shirt for lukas 🙂