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very berry

i finished this yarn yesterday (as you can see in the last post, i was busy as a bee…) it’s australian merino roving. berry colours: rose, pink, aubergine etc.

i ended up with 89g and 282m. i doubt my measurements though because the yarn is about sock weight and should be more yardage. it will be enough anyway for a pair of convertible mittens. not sure which pattern to use, but i think it will become broad street mittens.

i have enough roving left (and ordered some more *oops*) to knit a matching hat, neckwarmer or something…. i’ll have to think about something and then spin the yarn just for my needs. i love spinning 😀

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spinster in the sun

isn’t the weather just brilliant today? the last grasp of summer and me sitting on the balcony with bare feet, in short pants, tshirt and a very stupid hat doing some spinning.

i’m spinning merino at the moment in a variety of berry colours: pink, rose, purple, aubergine (oh well, that would be a vegetable colour 😉 )…

[flickr video=]

for the video i used one of the songs i was listening to while spinning. „falling slowly“ from glen hansard. i recently discovered the movie „once“ and fell in love with the music! i can’t help it, i always fall for the small, non-blockbuster, low-budget, beautiful movies 🙂 have a look:

here is the result of my spinning sunny afternoon:

oh, and i don’t want to deprive you of the pleasure to see me in my stupid hat protecting my show white like skin from the evil september sun 😛

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lacy baktus scarf

pattern: lacy baktus – a very easy yet effectful pattern. i prefere the lace version because it looks more interesting than the normal baktus.

yarn: my own handspun. purple paradise. the first thing i produced you could actually call „yarn“ 🙂 it’s shetland roving and could be a bit softer. but it will be really warm 🙂

these photos were taken pre-blocking because i wanted to use the sunny weather to take phots. it’s drying now and has become bigger – especially in length.

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callum’s cardi

this is a cardigan for my friend kevin’s little boy, callum. he is just 3 weeks old now so i guess he’ll have some room to grow into it.

aren’t those buttons adorable? the friend i was shopping with that day and me both fell in love with them on first sight and i had to have them for this cardigan. it gives it the special something 😀

the cardi will make its way to london by post tomorrow 🙂 i guess kev is too busy with the baby and moving house at the moment so that he won’t regularly check this blog and sneak a peek before it arrives in wooly person 😉 so… i’m going to post it now.

pattern: Offset Wraplan by Sara Morris. i knit size 6-9 months but it turned out a little small i think

yarn: wolle rödel siena. 100% merino extrafine superwash. 2 balls of the dark colour, 1 of the lighter contrast colour. it’s the same yarn i used for my yellow pullover – very, very soft and stretchy as well.

buttons: cutest sheep buttons in the world 😉 bought at karstadt in frankfurt

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temple socks

these socks are for my dad. he chose this yarn himself when i sent them to buy wollmeise yarn for me at the handwerkermarkt in sindelfingen. so i’m not to be blamed – the man wanted red socks himself! 😛 he sais it’s dalai lama colour and that’s perfect because he wants to wear them when he goes to his weekly sessions to the buddhist temple in stuttgart. that’ll keep his feet warm while his mind is engaged with more spiritual matters 😉

i hope they fit. he didn’t try them on yet.

yarn: wollmeise twin, 80% merino superwash / 20% polyamide, colourway: granatapfel. the wollmeise was a pleasure to knit – as always!

pattern: Mash-Up Magic Toe-Up Socks Recipe as a basis and i added a cable on the outer side of each foot