walking on sunshine yarn

ohoooo, i’m walking on sunshine, ohoooo, i’m walking on sunshine, ohooooo and don’t it feel good…

my newest handspun yarn :) it’s 100% merino in yellows from das wollschaf. it is 94g and 434m. i spun this yarn with ruputured ligaments. but the treadling movement didn’t feel bad so i thought it wouldn’t hurt my foot. maybe it even was a good training? (trying to convince myself here. but hey, what can you do when you are addicted?! 😉 )

guess it’s going to be „walking on sunshine socks“ 😉

2 thoughts on “walking on sunshine yarn

    • thanks. i’m not sure how it will look when knitted because i had very long parts of the same colour. might get broad stripes?!

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