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spinning a thunderstorm

i’m totally spinning mad at the moment. so this is what i just finished. it’s 100% merino space roving from huppertz. the yarn turned out 435m and 100g.

it was fun to spin because the roving is already in small strips you can use just as it is. no separating, no predrafting. i wasn’t too keen on the colours when i saw them live for the first time, but it always looks completely different when spun up. it also turned out a lot shinyer than i would have expected.

i called it „thunderstorm“ because i think it looks like one 🙂

the colours are a little darker in real life, like on the photo where you can see the complete skein.

i’m thinking about knitting knotty gloves from the yarn. what do you think?

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  1. hey you’re right, I probably wouldn’t have bought the roving because of the colour (i’m not very fond of that brownish-greenish colour) but the result is stunning :!!!

    1. the fibers looked a lot nicer on the photo of the webshop. but you’re right, the result is a lot better. 🙂
      unfortunately i have another colour combination which is even uglier 😉 i wonder if that’s going to be an even more beautiful yarn? *lol*

  2. It reminds me of petrol rainbows, you know, when it rains and you see spots of petrol on the roads? …. Just me? *unsure* 😉 You’ve done a wonderful job of spinning it, it looks lovely x

    1. yeah i know what you mean! i guess any association is fine. go wild 😉

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