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wollmeise stash update

some new skeins of my favourite yarn in the world moved in recently. 6 new skeins of wollmeise 🙂 yippeee. it’s so hard to get any wollmeise these days, so i sent my parents to the farmers market in sindelfingen where wollmeise had a market stall. they only live about 15km away so it was the perfect chance to get my hands on some yummy yarn. i also got some skeins for my colleague reingard.

my next wollmeise project will be the entangled stitches gloves by julia mĂŒller. not sure about which yarn to use yet…

this is my loot! they are from left to right: safran (100% merino superwash), granatapfel (twin, merino & poly), försters glĂŒck (twin, merino & poly), barist’o‘ (100% merino superwash),  neptun (100% merino superwash), wellensittichvogelfeder (100% merino superwash)

and this is my complete wollmeise stash:

from top to bottom and left to right: nature, safran, terra di siena, red hot chili, granatapfel, farn, pfefferminz prinz, neptun, barist’o‘, wellensittichvogelfeder, frosch, försters glĂŒck

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  1. D: Cor, what gorgeous yarn! x

    1. i could sit and stare at the yarn all day. and touch and smell it every now and then. i’m a nutter 😉

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