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owl pillow cases

i sewed 6 pillow cases for the cuddle/reading corner in lukas room which i’m setting up at the moment. i’m planning to do it all in bright green and blue colors and browsed dawanda for suitable fabric. and i found lovely owl fabrics on turquoise and green, green fabric with white stars and light blue fabric with small stars. since i’m not a huge fan of zippers, i used this tutorial for zipper less pillow cases which really was easy to follow and worked out really well!

sewing 6 pillow cases from the same pattern gets boring easily though. you have to sew round all the single parts with zigzag first and then assemble everything. so 18 parts in total. sometimes i wish i had an overlock machine 🙁

i have to say the pattern is very forgiving. i made some mistakes, produced some crooked seams and once i had the needle positioned differently (to the very left) and didn’t notice until 2 seams were finished – so the pillow case turned out slightly smaller than the rest. but you don’t see any of the mistakes in the finished pillow cases. 😛

that’s the fabric after i cut it:

and this is the result. 6 lovely pillow cases. the fillings are cheap ikea pillows:

don’t you just love those owls? i sure do!

the back of the pillows is made of two colors. otherwise it wouldn’t have worked out. i just had 1m of each fabric and that was just enough to cut 2 fronts and 3 back parts… so i mixed it all up and love the result:

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