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knitting bags aka „will sew for sushi“

well, this is the proof: i will sew for sushi 😛

my friend reingard saw what i had been sewing for lukas and asked if i could make her a bag for her knitting projects. i said „sure, if you invite me over for some yummy self-made sushi“. well, the bags are finished – we just need to set a date for the dinner i guess 😉

i had a look at free patterns online and found this one from machwerk. i was a little nervous about the zipper because i had hardly used any so far. apart from that it looked pretty streight forward. and i thought if i do the work anyway, i could make a bag for me too. there are never enought knitting bags because there are never enough knitting projects. 😉

the fabric is 100% ikea which i already had in my stash. on the outside a sturdier one, grey with white leave pattern. on the inside fabric with a plant pattern on light green and in the other bag on turquoise.

the pattern was really easy to follow. i think i’ll do this again…

but the next sewing projects are pillow cases for lukas‘ new „cuddle corner“ 🙂 a prototype is already finished and since it worked well, more are coming. i’ll keep you posted!

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