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follow your arrow mystery kal shawl

this shawl project was crazy! my first kal (for all the muggles out there, this means knit along) and even a mystery kal. that means there were 5 clues, one released every week and you didn’t know how it would go on. and even more: in every clue there were 2 options you could follow. this means there were 32 possible shawls from one pattern! the clues all were totally different. some easy, and some challenging.

i followed the clues aabab. so 1a, 2a, 3b, 4a, 5b. there was no special plan in this, i just followed whichever pattern sounded the most interesting, challenging or that i thought would match the rest of the shawl.

clue 5 was really, really hard for me. because it was totally different from what i knit before.

i’m not really sure if i like the result. maybe i’m just too narrow minded and can’t handle an asymetric shawl 😉 maybe i should have done 1b which sets determins that the shawl will turn out a lot more semicircular. 5b is asymetric as well. i also find it a little strange that 1a (the piece with garter stitch and stockinette stitch stripes) doesn’t seem to go too well with all the lace that follows… hm…

what i really liked is the community feeling, sneaking a peak at other knitters‘ shawls and being able to ask questions if anything isn’t working out. it won’t be my last (m)kal. 🙂

pattern: follow your arrow mystery kal by ysolda teague

yarn: about 1.5 skeins of old maiden aunt merino superwash. colorway bluebelles.

needles: 4.0 mm

here is the result:

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