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penguin loop

this is the perfect pattern for a toddler! it’s not bulky round the neck, it doesn’t bother lukas, he doesn’t try to get rid of it, no chance of losing it… it seems to be a really cosy scarf! and so incredibly easy to make! takes practically no time to make: just cut two rectangles of fabric, sew the long sides together, turn and sew the short sides together, turn, close the hole and enjoy the scarf. perfect beginners project too!

pattern: i followed the description on zenzi & lauser’s blog (german only). the trick with turning the loop inside out to sew the last seam is genius and works really well! i didn’t stick to the measurements given but cut two pieces of fabric measuring 52cm x 22cm. and it is just perfect!

materials: fleece for the inside, penguin jersey for the outside

i’m thinking about making a bigger one for myself. maybe not with penguins though 😛

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