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skull shirt

here is a recent project. another long-sleeve t-shirt. this time with skulls. i think they just look cute on kids/babys and which little boy doesn’t want to be a pirate, arrrrrrr!

patternottobre design, issue autumn 4/2012, 18. little lamb, raglan-sleeve t-shirt (sizes 92 to 128). the same pattern again that i used for the star shirt. i actually cut the fabric right after finishing the star one, but never had the time to sew it. last saturday i finally made it. yay.

fabric: i bought the skull and stripes jersey at some shop. don’t remember where at the moment. i’ll make a hat from the skull fabric too… it’s also in my queue 🙂

i have some more jerseys in my stash and also some cute sweatshirt fabric. originally i wanted to make an overall for lukas, but i only have 1 meter and that won’t be enough anymore. so it’s going to become a hoodie. just have to look for a suitable pattern….

aaaanyway, here is the skull tshirt!

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