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yeah, i just finished this. and yeah, i’m blogging it right away before it takes me ages again. 🙂 the photos aren’t the best – i took them with my iphone and with bad lighting. but you’ll get the idea.

i was looking for a hat for lukas that is also a scarf and just can be pulled over the head. i hate having to deal with thousands of hats, scarves, pullovers, jackets, overalls, mittens etc. in winter. so this reduces two pieces to one. 😉

i googled and found this pattern. it gives a lot of possibilities and didn’t look too difficult. at this point i’m making the warm version with fleece inside for winter, some more with two layers of jersey will definitely follow! oh and it’s a brilliant pattern for carnival as well. i’m thinking knight’s helmet, dragon….

pattern: wendezipfelschlupfmĂŒtze by klimperklein. in general it’s reversible, but i sewed around the face opening because i thought it looks nice – so this one is not reversible anymore. it’s for winter anyway, so the fleece must be on the inside.

material: jersey with stars for the outside, fleece for the inside

i hope the hat will fit lukas! i’m tempted to wake the little guy to try it on. well, not really. no chance! 😛

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