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new spinning fiber

these lovely fibers moved in yesterday. they are from zarzuela’s fibers. i’ve had jessica as a friend in flickr for some time and saw her handdyed fiber there. so i just thought i should give it a go now and place an order. and this is what the postman brought me (well, not exactly as customs took the parcel hostage until i payed 19% tax. boohh.

anyway. look at those beauties… believe me, they are just as soft and beautiful as they look 🙂

it’s (from left to right and top to bottom):

  • lovestruck, 6oz merino
  • snowy wood in january, 6oz merino
  • neapolitan, 4oz superwash merino
  • blue jeans & leather shoes, 4oz superwash merino

and of course i couldn’t stop myself from starting… here’s my neapolitan progress. i’m spinning 2 singles and want to ply them to get a sock weight yarn…. it’s so much fun to spinn this soft fiber!

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  1. I have the sudden urge to shove my face into them haha! They look dreamy, looking forward to seeing the finished product! x

    1. haha. i understand that feeling. and i actually CAN shove my face into them if i like 😉 i’ve been spinning half of the day today and will spin the rest too. i love weekends 😉

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