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neapolitan sock yarn superwash

here it is. i couldn’t resist any longer and had a very spinning weekend 😉 it is 100% merino superwash, colourway „neapolitan“, 108g, 455m.

on this photo you can see me plying and watching heroes series 3 on the internet. if you have a close look you can see mohinder 😉

hm, here you can see a strange thing. there were some almost white parts where two white singles met. these white parts are gone. when i washed the yarn after plying there was a lot of colour in the water. i guess all the white parts were re-coloured in a slightly orange/pink shade. i like it anyway, but i would have liked the white bits too…

and this is the result:

2 Gedanken zu „neapolitan sock yarn superwash“

  1. Hi there! Nice yarn. It’s a pity about the bleeding of dye in the wash, but I think the yarn looks just great anyway!
    I saw your „knotty gloves“ on Ravelry – love them!

    1. thanks for the compliment. about the yarn and the knotty gloves 🙂

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