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reinsche’s red

this is my newest yarn. i spun it for my colleague reingard and she got it on her birthday party on saturday night so i can show it off now 🙂 she’s a red fan, so it had to be red!

it is 80% merino and 20 white mulberry silk. i wanted to spin lace weight and ended up with ca. 621m and 100g.

i’m so happy with the result. it’s incredibly soft and shiny. the silk makes it look so glossy, especially in the sun.

this is „reinsche’s red“ pre-plying. here you can see how the fibre looked before spinning:

and this is the result:

i’m going to spin about the same amount again so it’s enough for a big shawl or scarf 🙂 i’ll keep you posted what becomes of it…

in my stash i have the same amount (200g) of this fiber in green which is more my colour. i’m looking forward to spinning it for myself. it really is very soft and a pleasure to spin!

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  1. it’s absolutely beautiful! I love the color. You did a fantastic job 🙂

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