thunderstorm gloves

tadaaa. my first finger gloves ever from handspun yarn. i’m really happy with the result. the yarn feels nice and is really warm. although the pattern was really good and i did my best to avoid it, i had holes between all the fingers. but i just sewed them close when weaving in the ends and it’s hardly visible anymore… i hope the yarn won’t felt too much when i wear and wash them. the winter can come! 😉

pattern: knotty gloves, julia müller

yarn: thunderstorm, handspun

excuse the not so nice photos, but it’s really hard to take a photo of TWO gloves (incl hands) by yourself at the same time… 😉

4 thoughts on “thunderstorm gloves

    • thanks. the pattern is really great. might have to knit some more as christmas presents for friends and family…
      i also have 43g of the thunderstorm yarn left. i wonder what to knit from it…?

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