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spinning is fun. this colourway is called „fun“. so double fun for me 😀

spun two singles and plied them. the result is about 300m and 97g of yarn. the roving is 50% merino, 50% tussah silk and made the yarn really soft and shiny! it’s from rad-der-zeit by the way.

i already started a pair of plain toe-up socks. will post photos soon.

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woolee winder!

i used to start drooling as soon as i saw a woolee winder somewhere. those awsomely tidy wound up bobbins! well, i may have talked about it for some time… and the best boyfriend in the world ordered one for me! just like that. it’s not even my birthday, christmas or anything! 😀

so here it is, the woolee winder for my kromski sonata.

we are currently getting to know each other. the flyer develops a lot of drive when you treadle fast and i discovered that the head of my spinning wheel, where flyer is clipped in, is a bit loose and moves sideways. argh. there are two screws and i’ll try to tighten them. the boyfriend already has some other ideas of glueing the metal pole into the wood. we’ll see. as long as it still works i’m going with the motto: never touch a running system… 😉

i started to spin some shetland roving which i intend to navajo ply afterwards.

looks lovely, doesn’t it?!

thanks tim 😀

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rad der zeit fibers

i couldn’t stop myself from buying a lot of fiber from rad der zeit at dawanda.

i tend to find a lot of adorable handpainted fibers all over the planet, mainly in the us, but you really have to take your chance when you find a nice shop with handpainted fibers that is based in germany. so here they are:


200g, passion – 60% merino, 20% mulberry silk, 20% tussah silk


200g, 50% merino, 50% tussah silk


100g, 50% merino, 50% tussah silk


300g, 100% new zealand lamb


300g, 100% new zealand lamb

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dragon purple

this is called „dragon purple“ because the wensleydale roving is from drachenwolle (=dragon yarn). and it is purple. obviously 😉

i spun it on my sonata and ended up with about 300m and 99g. i’m not sure what to think of wensleydale fiber tough. it is very shiny but not as soft as i would have liked. and after plying the singles and washing the skein it became scrubbier and lost some of it’s shine. but see for yourself:

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i finished this skein last weekend. weight wise i was aiming for dk weight as i wanted to use the yarn as a hat. not sure i completely succeeded, i had about 13 wpi in the end and about 150m on 98g 🙂

the roving is 100% shetland wool, handdyed by wheeldale woolcrafts. i think the colourway was called „earth greens“ or something. the colours are great. i kept saving this roving for something special. i tend to do that with all the yarn and roving i like most. a bit absurd, don’t you think. i’d better use it as soon as possible and wear the resulting clothing and accessories all the time…. right?!

i like spinning shetland a lot. it feels more rough and sturdy than merino but that makes it a lot easier to spin regularly and thin.

i had some problems with overspun yarn lately though. somehow i couldn’t stop treadling very fast. and apparently my hands and feet only move in the same speed: if i treadle fast, i move my hands fast, if i treadly slowly, i move my hands slowly. have to practice treadling slowly and moving my hands fast 😉

got another ravelympics medal for this:

anyway, here some photos:

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traveling stripes

the yarn is called traveling stripes because i spun it from scraps my boyfriend bought for me in copenhagen and after that they travelled in his suitcase to munich, helsinki and finally frankfurt. i will knit stripey socks from it when we are in lisbon next week. so the yarn will travel once more! 🙂

fibre: not sure to be honest. i’m guessing merino by the touch of it.

weight: 86g –> exactly 43g for each sock after winding it into two balls!

length: about 240m

scraps before spinning:

in action:

spun and navajo plied to preserve the colour changes:

wound into two 43g balls for socks:

oh, by the way. i’m soooo in love with my new canon eos 500d! look at the last photos and you’ll know what i mean *lol*

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danish sunrise

couldn’t resist to start spinning the fibre my boyfriend brought me from copenhagen. i spun orange/red/yellow space roving and one of the yellows from the mix pack and plied them together. this is the result:

it’s sock weight but unfortunately only 42g and 155m. so not enough to knit socks. i’m thinking about spinning the two other yellows together and then knit striped socks from it. what do you think?

i’m curious the see how the variegated space roving knits up…

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i finished this skein last week but didn’t have the chance to take a photo yet. winter is annoying – craftwise anyway. no chance to take decent photos during the week – it’s always dark when i have time off. anyway, here is another berrires yarn. remember this feller? this time the yardage is shorter: 180m and 94g.

i’m going to spin a similar skein of this roving. planning to give them away as presents…

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copenhagen roving

my boyfriend is a pilot for lufthansa and when he was in copenhagen last week he checked the knit map, walked to a yarn shop called sommerfuglen and bought me a collection of rovings. they hardly had any but this is what i got. thanks so much, tim 😀 and thanks to knit map – very useful 😉

i have no idea what either of the yarn is. the samples and multi-colour-pack could be merino, but i’m not sure…

about 80g of roving samples in all kinds of colours:

any idea how i could spin it? i thought i could divide each colour in 2-3 parts, spin all the colours in the same order and ply the multicoloured single with an uni single. like that i would have enough yarn for striped socks…. hm, not sure yet.

about 35g yello-orange-red roving. looks like the space rovings i bought before. i could ply it with a red/orange single…

a pack (about 120g) of several colours of roving: