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funnies no 14

i’m not very creative tonight so i’m calling this yarn after the rovings name „no 14“ 😉 it’s the first time i bought roving at dibadu and i quite like the roving i got there. especially the superwash (which this one isn’t by the way).

the roving was a mix of merino, tussah silk and flax. the flax felt really strange while spinning. it was very sturdy and hard and hurt my fingers a bit while spinning, but i like the result. the flax gave shine to the yarn – didn’t make it very soft though.

here i don’t know the yardage either – i keep counting the rounds and then never write it down and forget it after 2 days. :/

and i was too eager to start spinning that i didn’t take a photo of the unspun roving. apart from that it’s really hard to take good fotos at the moment. it’s dark when i go to work, it’s dark when i get home from work… taking photos with flash is crap, so i wait until the weekend, sometimes i’m too busy or forget… well, anyway, here’s just the spun result:

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