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christening crafts

lukas will be christened on 7th july 2013. so some crafting was due 😀


i bought a crafting book about birth and christening cards. on flipping through the book i found some designs i liked and only realized later that the author of the book was anja wĂ€gele, the same person who took the newborn photographs of our little lukas! 🙂

this is the book: kartenideen zu geburt & taufe

and i guess anja won’t be cross if i promote her a little, so have a look at her website:

i love the „tree of life“ theme, so i made this design from the book. and also used the theme for the candle and for table decorations (no photos of that yet, obviously).

for the cards i bought matching cards and envelopes, used a stamp for the text, cut the trees from brown paper, created the leaves with a punch and used a variety of other items, like buttons, pearls etc… i found it quite tricky to glue the things to the card without makeing a complete mess. in the end i used a toothpick to apply tiny portions of glue to the pearls and stuff to avoid the glue from oozing out everywhere.

i’m very happy with the result indeed (and so were the recepients of the cards):


it is tradition to make a candle for the child that is christened. either by the parents or by the godparents. so it was a great opportunity to try candle design. 😉 i did a little research at pinterest etc. and collected some ideas. so here is what i came up with. i’m very happy with the result!

it was the first time i decorated a candle. and it was quite easy actually. you just get a candle and wax sheets of your choice and start. you can also buy prepared parts like letters, christian symbols etc. but i found them sooooo ugly! so everything on my candle is handmade. i drew my design on paper and then put this template on the wax sheet, redraw the lines with a pen so that the outlines of the shapes get visible. then i used a cutter to cut out the parts. i thought it might be difficult to put the parts on the candle, but wax just sticks on wax, so no problem with that at all. if you just give light pressure you can reposition the parts, and a little more pressure to attach them permanently.

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