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fabric shopping

i recently rediscovered sewing…

in the beginning of my crafting „career“ i sewed quite a lot. mainly bags and accessories. and since lukas was born i always adored those lovely ottobre patterns of tshirts, pullovers, sweatshirts, shirts, jumpsuites, pants etc… and even more adored the looooovely (organic) fabrics you find on the web…

but i always was afraid of sewing jersey fabrics. i just have a normal, non-fancy sewing machine which just has the usual flexible zigzag stitches. but i thought it must be „do-able“ so i dragged my boyfriend and baby along to the fabric market that took place in frankfurt at the 28th april….

and this is my loot 😉

fleece in two turquoise colours, a variety of cute jerseys, ribbons and ribbing. i just got 50cm of every jersey which is enough for tshirts anyway….

at the ottobre website i flipped through the issues and bought the ones i loved best (two directly at the website and one at ebay). so i’m the proud owner of the issues 3/11, 1/12 and 4/12.

inspired by the lovely patterns there i placed another fabric order online at dawanda and got these things:

i’m especially looking forward to using the lovely hamburger liebe sweat (in green and white). it will become a jumpsuite for lukas one day 😉 skulls will be a hat/tshirt, the stars will become pants….

so enough shopping for me for now! it’s sewing time! how exciting!

i will keep you posted with the sewing results soon… but i can already tell you: sewing is so much more difficult than knitting! knitting is like yoga for me: soothing, calming, relaxing. sewing is a fight: stressful, frustrating… but very rewarding too, as you can see the results a lot sooner!

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