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rainbow plushie

insipired by yet another pinterest pin i made this today! a plushie with ribbons in rainbow colours. yay.

i used this tutorial, but basically you don’t really need a tutorial at all. cut two circles of fabric, pin pieces of  ribbons in different sizes and colours, sew round, stuff, close the hole and stitch a lovely smiley face 🙂

my plushie actually turned out quite large so our baby won’t be able to hold it properly for some time… it’s more like a little cushion… my boyfriend and i love it. i hope the little guy will love it too… the plushie is ready for a squeeze, cuddle and a nibble on the ribbons 😉

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custom changeable iphone cover

after having seen changeable iphone covers on pinterest a few times i wanted to make my own.

so i ordered a clear case for my iphone 4s on ebay for about 2-3€. i reused the „paper-iphone-dummy“ that came with the iphone cover, cut a hole for the camera with an exacto knife and tadaaaaa, template finished.

the tools:

the template:

the paper. i used some christmas paper from my stock and also bought new scrapbooking paper. the green stack paper is soooo adorable. little birds, beevers, flowers, leaves… so cute. have a look at the designs the stack contains…

using my knife and the template i cut these three iphone case inlets. i have to admit it wasn’t easy to cut the camera holes properly. they all look a little messed up, but you can hardly see that once the paper is inside the clear case:

and here you can see my iphone all „dressed up“ with its new bird cover:

easy, cute and inexpensive. well, if you already have a huge stash of scrapbooking paper anyway. i had to buy the green stack paper which cost me about 18€ (not exactly a bargain). but i fell in love with the paper the moment i saw it and it won’t be the last time i use this paper. for more iphone cover inlets or other crafting ideas…

i just hope the clear case plus quite heavy weight scrapbooking paper doesn’t interfere with the reception. a friend called me earlier and i couldn’t understand her very well. but i’m not sure if it’s because of my new case – according to the iphone’s display the reception is fine… will have to have a closer look at that…

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lotus hat

a quick project to use up some stash yarn. i had his left over from my effortless cardigan – and still have some more. maybe matching mittens coming up?!

pattern: lotus hat by uptownpurl. the pattern was nice and easy to follow. i love hats as instant gratification projects 🙂 i like how the pattern still makes sense and looks nice when the decreases at the top of the hat start.

yarn: 1.5 skeins of stahlsche wolle big, worsted, 100% wool

needles: 3.5 and 4mm dpns

ravellenics medals:

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some more baby booties

i love the oh! baby baby booties pattern so much that i knit another pair. i also took part in the ravellenics with this project.

pattern: oh! baby baby booties by judy nemish

yarn: wolle rödel sport und strumpfwolle extrastark, sport weight in a a brown/dark green colour

needles: 3mm dpns

and here are my ravellenics medals i got for the booties:


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newborn knits

our boy will be an autumn/winter baby so he needs a good choice of cosy hats and boots etc… so i whipped this up from only one skein of yarn i got from a girl from my choir. the skein didn’t have a lable anymore but it is about fingering/dk weight, feels very much like superwash merino, similar to lana grossa cool wool 2000. all that was knit with 3mm dpns.


booties: oh! baby baby booties by judy nemish. i used babylees mods in her ravelry project though to knit the booties in one piece.

hat: welcome to the world newborn hat by nona

mittens: wee baby mitts by christine vogel

booties, hat and mittens:

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grey waves

i totally fell in love with this yarn when i saw it at a stall at the schwabsburger wollfest in june 2012. it has rayon, tencel and angora and is just unbelieveably soft! a lady at this stall had knitted the „wellen in pink“ pattern with it, which i hadn’t seen at ravelry yet, but which looked perfect in combination with this lush yarn.

so it was settled: i bought two skeins of filace lucca, looked up the pattern at ravelry and started knitting the same day!

this is the result which was gifted to my boyfriends mum as a birthday present.

pattern: wellen in pink by sue berg. easy enough to knit in front of the television but exciting enough to keep you from getting bored. perfect. i cast on 79 sts and knit 13 pattern repeats in total. one skein was about enough for 8 pattern repeats.

yarn: filace lucca, 60% rayon / 25% tencel / 15% angora.

it is great to knit with and increadibly soft and cosy on the skin. only downer was that it is really fussy (because of the short staple length of the angora i guess) and my complete front was covered with lint when i knit. i made sure always to have a lint roll nearby, otherwise i would have spread angora hair all over our flat!

needles: 3.5mm i think – didn’t write it down 🙁

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baby surprise jacket 2

this project had been hibernating for ages until i finished it. i just had to sew the arms together, buy buttons and attach them. and here is the result.

i’m pretty happy with it. because it’s my own handspun yarn and the buttons are just adorable. like a couple of ladybugs on grass 🙂 yay.

i like the elizabeth zimmermann pattern – easy to knit and looking lovely if you stick to the instructions.

i just hope the yarn won’t be too scratchy for the baby or felt too much when i wash it. it’s not superwash so i’ll have to treat it carefully anyway…

pattern: baby surprise jacket by elizabeth zimmermann

yarn: handspun by me, 100% shetland by wheeldale woolcrafts, about (light) fingering weight

needles: didn’t write it down and don’t remember. i’m guessing 3mm cable needle.


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scrappy stripes cardi

this is another project for our little one. and a great opportunity to use yarn leftovers. i had the noro kureyon sock left over from the hands up fingerless mitts for my boyfriend.

this was really fun to knit. i love stripes and yarn that has colour changes. i didn’t stick to the pattern closely – at least when it comes to the stripes design. i just knit regular strips of 2 rows white and 4 rows colour.

with the buttons i didn’t wanna take any attention from the stripes pattern so i chose very plain ones.

pattern: scrappy sock stripey cardi by fawn pea.

yarn: noro kureyon sock and white wolle rödel sock yarn

needles: didn’t write it down and don’t remember 🙁

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baby hat for birgit

oh boy, i wanted to get up to date with blogging my projects, but haven’t been very successful so far. i’m trying my best… so some more posts of finished projects NOW!

this was just a very fast project i knit for my colleague birgit who was expecting a baby boy. little theo is born by now and will soon be wearing this hat i guess 🙂

pattern: simple baby hat by alison williams

yarn: scraps of lana grossa cool wool 200o in two different colours

needles: 3mm dpns

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my brother wanted a knit creature for ages, so i made him this little guy.

pattern: maddox the mischievous monster by rebecca danger

yarn: wolle rödel universal that i had left over from my fetching mitts, some contrasting yarn for the belly button and the eyes. and some white felt for the teeth.

needles: no idea. didn’t write it down in ravelry. but i guess 3mm dpns