baby surprise jacket 2

this project had been hibernating for ages until i finished it. i just had to sew the arms together, buy buttons and attach them. and here is the result.

i’m pretty happy with it. because it’s my own handspun yarn and the buttons are just adorable. like a couple of ladybugs on grass :) yay.

i like the elizabeth zimmermann pattern – easy to knit and looking lovely if you stick to the instructions.

i just hope the yarn won’t be too scratchy for the baby or felt too much when i wash it. it’s not superwash so i’ll have to treat it carefully anyway…

pattern: baby surprise jacket by elizabeth zimmermann

yarn: handspun by me, 100% shetland by wheeldale woolcrafts, about (light) fingering weight

needles: didn’t write it down and don’t remember. i’m guessing 3mm cable needle.


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