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effortless cardigan

i did it! i finished a sweater! it fits, although it turned out really big and heavy. but it’s comfy and warm and will be use a lot on the cold and chilly days to come!

i had problems with knitting the long rows back and forth. it seems i knit tighter than i purl and thus produced an annoying zebra pattern. tried to get rid of that effect by using two different needles – a smaller size for the purl ws rows. it kinda worked and blocking did the rest so that it’s hardly visible anymore.

this pattern took me about 5 months to finish. not to knit, but to finish 😉 i’m really crap at finishing big projects. i have so many ideas and rather start 3 new ones than finish one big project. all that finishing, weaving in ends. boooohhh!

pattern: effortless cardigan by hannah fettig

yarn: stahlsche wolle big, 100% wool, 84m/50g, used 15 skeins.  this was a „for free“ project because my mum found the yarn in a red cross shop for just a few € and thought it was perfect for her knitting addicted daughter. she was right 😉

needles: hm, i don’t remember. i didn’t write it down in my ravelry project on time before i forgot it. i think it must have been 3.5mm or 4mm needles.

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