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may i present you: maile. a very cute baby cardigan. when ever i was bored and annoyed of big projects theses last few months i knit baby clothes. nothing to suspect here, people 😉 no baby on the way. baby clothes are just perfect instant gratification projects and perfect to use up small amounts of yarn in my stash. and the perfect gift for friends who become parents. or i’ll just stash the clothes for my own kids some day. either way: perfect.

i loved this pattern. it’s always fun to knit patterns that are seamless. why? no seams 😉

pattern: maile sweater by nikki van de car

yarn: schewe fidibus, a little more than one skein used. 40% mohair, 60% acrylic. thanks to anna for the yarn-gift!

needles: 3.5mm circular needle and dpns

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