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my first ravelympics project is finished! yay!

for all of you who don’t know ravelympics: it’s a kind of game we play or a competition at ravelry during the olympic winter games. you basically knit or crochet things and enter them in different events like sock hockey, lace luge, single skein speed skate, etc. when you post your finished project on the events‘ finish line, you get a medal, an award you can show off with: „i took part in this event in ravelympics“. you can join a team and knit for them. the team also gets the medals the team members earn. i’m entering for team germany 🙂

so here we go. my first ravelympics project and my first medal! i’m officially a ravthlete now!

my octopus was entered in the event skelegurumi (amigurumi and toys):

the special challenge for this project was, that i changed the yarn from a worsted weight to sock weight. i wanted to use some sock yarn leftovers. so the little guy got really tiny and fiddly to knit. it was also hard for me to get over the „i hate sewing pieces together so i just stop and let it lie around for ages and wait if it gets any better“-syndrome. 😀 but i made it! yay.

pattern: octopus from the book „amigurumi knits“ by hansi singh

yarn: drachenwolle handdyed sock yarn in green and turquoise

needles: 2.0mm

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  1. your little octopus is beautiful !!! well done, you really deserve your medal !

  2. thank you sophie! he was fun to knit too 🙂

  3. Ahh, I never really knew what the Ravlympics were! D’oh! Well done, your octopus is very sweet 😀

  4. I love the way you posed him! Very well done.

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