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go for gold

wow, can you believe it?! i won two gold medals in the internal ravelympics competition of team germany!

the participating projects were awarded by the team captains of team germany and the members voted by klicking „agree“. and i won. yay!

hm, i guess this is the time for a moving speech like „i couldn’t have done it alone. so i share these medals with my team whom i had a lot of fun with during the ravelympics, with my boyfriend who loves me although i’m a nuts knitaholic, my mum because she never tought me how to knit…“ erm. yeah. let’s leave it at that 😀

here are my two golden projects!

the octopus in the category „cute and cuddly“:

i might even print out  the medal for him. might calm him down as he is sitting on my cd rack still trying to strangle the poor drawing model puppet 😉

the cut & paste socks in the category „socks“:

thanks to everybody who voded („agree“-d) for me 🙂

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  1. Congratulations! Very well-deserved.

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