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my citron shawl is finished and i’m quite proud of it! the pattern is adorable. simple but a genious idea and very effective.

i did an additional pattern repeat which made it feel like forever until it was finished. the last few rows (the ruffle part) had almost 650 sts each *argh*

but the resut is worth it, don’t you think?!

pattern: citron by hilary smith callis, knitty winter 2009

yarn: handpainted yarn lace, colourway peridoto, 100% wool, 777m/100g

here’s how to do a 6th pattern repeat. maybe it’s helpful for you too:

6th section:
1) 540 sts
7) 273 sts
9) k3, m1, (k12, m1)x7, (k11, m1)x9, (k12, m1)x7, k3 –> 297
19) k3, m1, (k13, m1)x7, (k12, m1)x8, (k13, m1)x8, k3 –> 321

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  1. Great job! You look so adorable!

  2. This is adorable! I’m wanting to do 6 repeats also but only have 606 yd of Habu cashmere. Do you think this will be enough? Thanks for sharing!

    1. actually i have no idea how much yardage i used for my citron… but it gets a hell lot of work in the end because you have soooo many stitches…

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